Free and Paid Travel WordPress Themes: What You Need to Know

Choosing the right Travel WordPress themes for travel websites is a big decision. Whether you pick a free theme or buy a paid one depends on what you need and how you want your site to work.

Free themes are great if you’re just starting or have a small budget. They have basic features and are easy to set up, which is perfect for beginners. Platforms like Themes21 offer free themes that are good for showing your travel adventures. But remember, free themes might not let you customize everything and might not have as much support as paid themes.

Top 3 Free Travel WordPress Themes

Here are the top 3 Free WordPress themes for Travel

1. SKT Trekking

SKT Trekking is a free WordPress theme designed for adventure enthusiasts, trekking agencies, and outdoor activity blogs. It offers a robust set of features to help you showcase your trekking adventures and services.

2. SKT Resort

SKT Resort is a free WordPress theme perfect for resorts, hotels, and other hospitality businesses. It offers a clean and elegant design to help you present your resort or hotel in the best light.

3. Camping

Camping is a free WordPress theme designed for camping sites, outdoor adventure companies, and nature enthusiasts. It offers a robust set of features tailored for promoting camping activities and services.

Best Premium Travel WordPress Themes

Premium WordPress themes come with more features. They have things like booking systems, SEO tools, and designs that look good on phones and tablets. They usually come with a team that helps you and gets updates often. This is important if you run a business or want a website that looks really good.

Here is the list of Premium Travel WordPress Themes for travel websites

1. SKT Travel

SKT Travel is a premium WordPress theme tailored for travel agencies, tour operators, and travel bloggers. It offers a comprehensive set of features to create a stunning and functional travel website.

2. SKT Wildlife Pro

SKT Wildlife Pro is perfect for wildlife tours, safari operators, and nature photographers. This theme combines a captivating design with robust features to highlight the beauty of wildlife and nature.

3. Summer Camp

Summer Camp is an ideal theme for campsites, adventure parks, and outdoor activity centers. It’s designed to engage visitors and provide all the necessary information about your camp services.

4. The Trip

The Trip is a versatile theme for travel agencies, tour operators, and travel bloggers. It offers extensive customization options and features tailored to the travel industry.

5. Adventure

Adventure is designed for adventure travel agencies, extreme sports enthusiasts, and travel bloggers. It offers a bold and modern design with features to highlight your adventurous activities.


When you choose, think about what you need. If you’re just starting or want to save money, a free theme is a good idea. It lets you learn WordPress and see how your website grows.

But if you’re serious about your travel website and want to give more to your visitors, a paid travel WordPress theme might be better. It lets you change more things and makes sure your website has what it needs to do well.

In the end, the most important thing is finding a free WordPress theme that fits what you want to do and makes your travel stories look great online. Themes21 has lots of choices for free themes, so you can find one that works for you. As for premium themes, go with SKT Themes; they are the best sellers of WordPress themes, offering both free and paid options.

SKT Themes offers a variety of premium travel WordPress themes designed to meet the unique needs of travel agencies, tour operators, and travel bloggers. Whether you need a theme for a travel agency, wildlife tours, campsites, or adventure activities, SKT Themes provides feature-rich, responsive, and SEO-friendly options to create a professional and engaging travel website.

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