Guide to Canada Immigration and Visit Visa: Finding the Best Consultants in Pakistan

canada immigration

Canada is a place that is known for opportunities, offering a great life, brilliant instruction, and different social experiences. Whether you are considering immigration for better professional possibilities or just planning a visit to investigate its regular magnificence, understanding the interaction is essential to finding the right assistance. In this aide, we will walk you through everything you want to be familiar with Canada immigration and visit visas, with an extraordinary spotlight on finding the best Canada immigration consultants in Pakistan.

Understanding Canada Immigration

Canada has an assortment of immigration pathways intended to take special care of various necessities and profiles. Every pathway has its arrangement of requirements and procedures, making it fundamental to pick the one that best suits what is happening.

Express Entry System

The Express Entry system is one of the most well-known courses for skilled workers seeking permanent residency in Canada. This system positions applicants given variables like age, training, work experience, and language proficiency.

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP): This is great for individuals with critical work experience and an elevated degree of instruction.
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP): This program targets skilled tradespeople with propositions for employment or accreditations in Canada.
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC): This is for individuals who have proactively worked in Canada for something like one year.

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)

Every province in Canada has immigration programs that permit them to nominate individuals who wish to get comfortable in that particular province. PNPs are a fantastic choice assuming you have abilities that are popular in a specific locale.

Family Sponsorship

If you have family individuals who are Canadian residents or permanent occupants, they can support you for immigration. This pathway reunites families and permits workers to fabricate a support system in their new home.

Start-Up Visa Program

For business visionaries looking to lay out their businesses in Canada, the Start-Up Visa Program gives an exciting and open door. To qualify, you want practical business thought, support from an assigned association, and meet explicit language and financial requirements.

Canada Visit Visa

If you are planning a momentary visit to Canada for the travel industry, family visits, or business purposes, you will require a Canada visit visa. This visa, otherwise called a Transitory Occupant Visa (TRV), permits you to remain in Canada for up to a half year.

Types of Canada Visit Visas

  • Single-Entry Visa: This permits you to enter Canada once. After you leave, you will require another visa to reemerge.
  • Multiple-Entry Visa: This visa allows you to enter and leave Canada however many times as you need for quite some time, substantial for up to a decade.

Requirements for a Canada Visit Visa

To apply for a Canada visit visa, you want to give:

  • A legitimate identification
  • Proof of adequate assets for your visit
  • A letter of invitation from somebody in Canada, if material
  • Proof of connections to your nation of origin, like a task, family, or property
  • An unmistakable travel itinerary
  • No criminal record

Finding the Best Canada Immigration Consultants in Pakistan

Navigating the intricacies of Canadian immigration and visit visas can challenge. This is where professional consultants come in. The best Canadian immigration consultants in Pakistan can direct you through the cycle, ensuring that you meet all requirements and stay away from normal entanglements.

What to Look for in a Consultant

  • Accreditations and Experience: Guarantee that the consultant is enrolled with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). Experience in handling cases like yours is additionally essential.
  • Client Audits: Search for tributes and surveys from past clients. Positive criticism is a decent indicator of unwavering quality and achievement.
  • Straightforward Expenses: A decent consultant ought to be upfront about their charges and any extra costs involved all the while.
  • Customized Administration: Stay away from consultants who offer a one-size-fits-all arrangement. Every immigration case is interesting, and your consultant ought to give customized guidance and support.

Top Immigration Consultants in Pakistan

Given client audits and achievement rates, here are probably the best Canada immigration consultants in Pakistan:

  • Canada Prime Immigration: With a solid presence in Pakistan, CPI offers exhaustive immigration benefits and has a demonstrated history of effective cases.
  • ISSAS: Known for its professional methodology and experienced staff, ISSAS gives definite direction on different immigration pathways.

Common Questions About Canadian Immigration and Visit Visa

What is the processing time for Canadian immigration application?

The processing time shifts depending on the immigration pathway you pick. For Express Entry, it ordinarily requires close to a half year, while PNPs can take more time.

What amount does it cost to apply for a Canada visit visa?

  • The application charge for a single-entry or multiple-entry visit visa is computer-aided design 100. Extra expenses might include biometrics expenses and administration charges.

Might I at any point work in Canada on a visit visa?

  • No, a visit visa doesn’t permit you to work in Canada. You want to apply for a work permit on the off chance that you wish to work during your visit.

Do I want a medical exam for a Canada immigration application?

  • Indeed, most immigration applications require a medical exam to guarantee that you don’t represent a well-being chance to Canadians and that you won’t put an exorbitant expectation on the Canadian medical care system.

Could my family at any point go with me on a visit visa?

  • Indeed, your family individuals can apply for visit visas to go with you. Every family part, including subordinate youngsters, should present a different application.


Canada offers a universe of opportunities, whether you are looking to move for a superior future or visit for a momentary stay. Understanding the various pathways and requirements is fundamental for a fruitful application. With the assistance of the best Canadian immigration consultants in Pakistan, you can explore this complicated cycle effortlessly and with certainty.

By choosing a respectable consultant, you guarantee that your application is dealt with professionally, increasing your odds of coming out on top. Thus, venture out towards your Canadian dream today, and investigate the vast potential outcomes that look for you in this lovely country.

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