6 Most Amazing Honeymoon on Cruise Departing from Singapore


Singapore, an exciting metropolis renowned for its modernity, multiculturalism and stunning skyline, is also home to some of Asia’s most stunning cruise experiences. Ranging from luxurious ocean liners to thrilling expeditions – there is sure to be one suited to each traveler’s tastes here in Asia. With its close proximity to beaches, temples, UNESCO sites, and more – Singapore serves as the ideal hub for a Southeast Asia cruise itinerary. So are you planning to experience your honeymoon on cruise? Then here, we will be sharing about some popular cruise lines for your honeymoon. 

Please note that the itinerary, duration, or the cruise might differ during the actual booking. This post will share some basic details about the cruise lines.

Honeymoon on Cruise: Best Cruise Lines For Honeymoon

1. Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas:

Royal Caribbean’s Award-winning vessel Quantum of the Seas will set sail from the Marina Bay Cruise Centre as it gives you a one-of-a-kind cruising adventure. Bringing the latest technology with the North Star observatory head, this ship offers an extreme panoramic sightseeing over the water and any landmarks from up top. You may book this cruise line for Singapore Cruise Packages.

Broadway-style entertainment and thrilling activities such as skydiving simulators which provide close skydive experience are some of the entertainment options that are available on this vessel. This undoubtedly enables the vessel to have uninterrupted excitement on board.

It stops off exotic locales such as Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam so travelers can immerse themselves into diverse cultures while admiring breathtaking landscapes from Singapore cruises alone!

2. Dream Cruises Genting Dream:

Feel what Luxury is all about in Genting Dream’s Cruise that sails out from Singapore’s Marina bay Cruise Center and is the perfect fit for your honeymoon on cruise. This extravagant ship is a fusion of class and elegance with modern luxury amenities in the form of spacious staterooms, gourmet food found at the dining hall, and top-rated entertainment.

The pool is not all that you find on board. It may include the access to the spa for relaxation, the duty-free shopping and the thrilling water ride at the water park on the ship! 

From amazing itineraries covering best places in Southeast Asia that include lovely islands as well as fascinating cities – Genting Dream offers a thrilling cruise experience that will allow travelers a chance to explore nature while living in favored destinations. It is this must try honeymoon cruise that beats every other cruise that we have ever been.

3. Princess Cruises Sapphire Princess:

Set sail aboard this luxurious ship as you depart Singapore’s bustling harbor on Princess Cruises’ Sapphire Princess. Experience true elegance on this splendid voyage from enchanting destinations such as Bali, Phuket and Kuala Lumpur for your honeymoon on cruise! 

She comes in with a spectacular design that portrays quality accommodations, extravagant dining areas, and top notch amenities in the form of spa services and rejuvenating therapies that are available onboard. She provides enrichment programs and theatrical productions for the guests as well, thereby keeping them entertained together with the relaxations.

The cruise company stands out for travelers as it is capable of offering them the best there is from relaxation and culture. The voyagers get to discover new places while being fully immersed in the local culture.

Besides that, you will be visiting iconic landmarks en-route such as Singapore or Kuala Lumpur.

4. Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Jade:

The Norwegian Jade belonging to Norwegian Cruise Line is waiting here at Singapore’s Marina Bay Cruise Center for you to embark on your honeymoon on cruise.

This all-in-one ship offers a wide range of dining, entertainment and recreation activities that appeal to all types of people – either chilling by the pool, gambling at the casino, watching Broadway-style shows or listening to Broadway musical performances on board – providing an opportunity for non-stop entertainment on every voyage.

Walking through cities such as Thailand, Cambodia, and Indonesia guarantees travelers will get lost in diverse cultures, taste great food, and get countless unforgettable impressions while looking at impressive vistas.

You will be creating lasting memories against magnificent landscapes! So get your honeymoon packages on cruise ships.

5. Star Cruises SuperStar Virgo:

Step aboard luxury aboard Star Cruises’ iconic ship SuperStar Virgo from Singapore’s world-class Marina Bay Cruise Centre to experience unforgettable luxury during your honeymoon on cruise.

Combining Asian hospitality with modern amenities and boasting entertainment options such as live performances and rejuvenating spa treatments to thrilling water slides, SuperStar Virgo provides something to thrill and entertain passengers of all ages and interests. It brings itineraries that explore Southeast Asia’s most magical places, including beaches, historic landmarks and bustling cities for an experience that promises unforgettable cruise experiences filled with excitement and discovery!

6. Seabourn’s Seabourn Encore:

Experience unparalleled luxury aboard Seabourn’s elegant Seabourn Encore when departing Singapore’s Marina Bay Cruise Centre on board this intimate ship boasting spacious suites, gourmet dining options, personalized service and relaxing at its onboard spa. This is a great honeymoon on-cruise experience. 

Not to mention fine wines and culinary treats to enjoy while sailing through Thailand, Malaysia or Indonesia on one unforgettable itinerary after another – creating memories to last a lifetime along the way. 


Beginning your honeymoon on cruise from Singapore can open up an array of amazing possibilities, ranging from luxurious ocean liners to adventurous expeditions. No matter your taste – relaxation, exploration or excitement – one of these six incredible cruises offers something suitable. With its stellar cruise port facilities and proximity to Southeast Asia’s most compelling destinations, Singapore is a magnificent embarkation spot for cruisers. From serene tropical island escapes to the history and culture of Asia’s most vibrant cities, the cruise possibilities from Singapore are endlessly exciting. 

Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas or Seabourn Encore offer unforgettable moments and incredible destinations throughout Southeast Asia’s scenic lands and vibrant cultures for an experience you won’t soon forget! So pack up and set sail – embarking on this cruise will truly transform your trip! So, set sail today from Singapore and set sail on this once-in-a-lifetime voyage!

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