Top 10 Stussy Hoodie Collaborations You Can’t-Miss


Stussy, renowned for its iconic streetwear, has collaborated with numerous brands and artists over the years. These collaborations often blend Stussy’s classic designs with unique creative visions, resulting in limited-edition pieces highly sought after by collectors and fashion enthusiasts alike. Let’s explore the new stussy hoodie collection for a fresh addition to your wardrobe.

1. Stussy x Nike

One of the most notable collaborations is with Nike. Stussy’s partnership with the sportswear giant has produced hoodies that fuse streetwear aesthetics with Nike’s athletic heritage. Expect bold graphics and premium materials that reflect both brands’ identities.

2. Stussy x Comme des Garçons

Collaborating with Comme des Garçons, Stussy created hoodies that embody avant-garde fashion with a streetwise edge. These pieces often feature minimalist designs with subtle details that appeal to fashion-forward individuals looking for understated elegance.

3. Stussy x Bape

Known for its vibrant camo patterns and urban flair, Stussy’s collaboration with Bape results in hoodies that are a fusion of Japanese street style and American surf culture. These hoodies often sell out quickly, prized for their exclusivity and unique design elements.

4. Stussy x Supreme

A collaboration with Supreme is a meeting of streetwear giants. Stussy and Supreme hoodies blend classic streetwear motifs with contemporary urban fashion trends. Expect bold logos, eye-catching graphics, and a strong urban aesthetic that resonates with the youth culture.

5. Stussy x Fragment Design

Hoodies from Stussy’s collaboration with Fragment Design are characterized by clean lines and sophisticated detailing. These pieces often feature subtle co-branding and a minimalist approach that appeals to those who appreciate refined streetwear.

6. Stussy x Vans

Collaborating with Vans, Stussy creates hoodies that celebrate skate culture and street fashion. Expect casual silhouettes, retro-inspired designs, and a blend of comfort and style that appeals to both skaters and urban fashion enthusiasts.

7. Stussy x Neighborhood

Stussy’s collaboration with Neighborhood brings a touch of Japanese streetwear aesthetics to its hoodies. These pieces often feature intricate graphics, bold typography, and a rebellious spirit that resonates with the underground fashion scene.

8.Stussy x Dover Street Market

Collaborations with Dover Street Market result in hoodies that blend Stussy’s laid-back California style with Dover Street Market’s avant-garde approach to fashion curation. These pieces are often limited in quantity and highly coveted by fashion connoisseurs.

9. Stussy x A Bathing Ape (BAPE)

Another collaboration with BAPE brings forth hoodies that showcase Stussy’s iconic logo alongside BAPE’s signature camo patterns and playful graphics. These pieces are known for their playful yet stylish appeal that attracts streetwear enthusiasts worldwide.

10. Stussy x Rick Owens

Collaborating with Rick Owens results in hoodies that push the boundaries of traditional streetwear. These pieces often feature avant-garde designs, unconventional silhouettes, and a dark, edgy aesthetic that appeals to those who seek high-fashion interpretations of street style.


Stussy’s collaborations with various brands and designers have consistently pushed the boundaries of streetwear fashion. Each collaboration brings a unique perspective and creative vision to Stussy’s iconic hoodies, making them not just garments but also cultural artifacts coveted by collectors and fashion enthusiasts worldwide. Whether it’s the bold graphics of Nike collaborations or the avant-garde elegance of Comme des Garçons partnerships, these top 10 Stussy hoodie collaborations represent the pinnacle of streetwear innovation and style.

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