What is SMD Screen?

smd screen

SMD stands for Surface Mount Device. These are electronic components that are surface mounted directly onto a printed circuit board, rather than soldered to a metal pin on the underside of the printed circuit board as was previously the case. In LED display technology, the SMD concept is used a little differently.

An SMD Screen is an LED display in which red, green and blue diodes are encapsulated in a small plastic housing that is mounted onto the display’s printed circuit boards. When the diodes are encapsulated in this way, they take up much less space, allowing displays to be created with smaller spacing between the diodes and higher resolutions.

In the modern world, technology is developing at an incredible speed, and one of the most striking examples of this development is SMD screens. They are becoming increasingly popular due to their efficiency, durability and versatility. In this article, we will look at the main characteristics of SMD LED screens and how they differ from other types of screens.

SMD LED screen configuration

On the Internet, you can find a bunch of articles about what an LED screen is and what it consists of. But for the most part, they do not describe the important components that everyone talks about, but we still do not know what they are. In this article, we tried to explain in detail what an SMD component is.

First, let’s start with the definition itself. Translated from English, SMD is a surface-mounted device. In other words, SMD Screen is a case that combines three different-colored LEDs (RGB). Unlike the DIP type, where the diodes are mounted on legs, this structure provides leads from a flat base. Due to this, the weight and size of the case are reduced. SMD Screen are less bright than DIP, but their size and design allow them to be placed close to each other up to 1 mm, which allows for the production of high-resolution screens.

Where are they used?

Screens of this type are most often used indoors. But thanks to new developments of the company, manufacturers can offer improved SMD screens for outdoor use. The most correct solution will be a pixel pitch of 4 mm and brightness up to 7000 KD. But in comparison with DIP, such a screen will be several times more expensive. Here it is up to you to choose, if you need a bright picture at a wide angle, then the best solution will be an SMD screen.

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